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About ASL- Energy Efficient Lighting


ASL is America's premier lighting manufacturer, dedicated exclusively to the production of GREEN lighting. The company's primary focus from initial design to final product is quality. Best of all, our fixtures are fabricated right here in the USA by American craftsmen insuring timely deliveries.


ASL is a New York based corporation established in Brooklyn, New York in 1979. One manufacturing plant supplies the entire United States. The company is a privately held corporation. Yaakov Singer is the founder and president and continues to be actively involved in the company's growth. Additionally there are another 25 highly skilled employees who design and produce some of the best energy efficient lighting in the industry.


In 1979 the president of the company was looking to invest in a part-time venture. At a trade show he discovered a small thermistor disk the size of a quarter that when placed between an incandescent light bulb and socket, would increase the bulb's life four times. This thermistor type device was developed by Nasa in the course of space exploration. It was designed to protect the Saturn booster rocket from current surges. This same technology protects the delicate filament inside an incandescent bulb from the sudden hot current surge it receives when the light is turned on that causes it to burn out. Seeing the great opportunity of extending the life of the incandescent bulb, and being able to reduce the labor costs associated with frequent light bulb changes, the president made a small investment and purchased a franchise. Tens of thousands of Bulb Misers were sold throughout the country. Today that scientific technology is basically outdated; it was however the product upon which ASL was built and founded. In the course of marketing the Bulb Miser, many customers requested that other technologies be made available that could reduce the electrical consumption associated with lighting. Extensive research alerted the president to new emerging energy efficient lighting technologies in Europe. By acquiring these new technologies, a total lighting package was soon developed and marketed to large electrical consumers on a direct basis. Entire retrofit projects were designed, for which financing was arranged and savings shared between the customer and company. In time, as demand increased and confidence was gained in the new technology's ability to reduce electric consumption, the company shifted gears to manufacturing and creating innovative designs utilizing compact fluorescent technology. In short, a company that started its business from a small living room closet today operates 2 shifts out of its 32,000 sq. foot facility. The American dream is alive today.


Currently ASL manufactures one of the largest selections of Green indoor and outdoor lighting including decorative, utility, vanity, sconces, pendants, security, lanterns, brackets, bulkheads, wall packs, floods,cutoffs, emergency and exit signs. Hundreds of styles with numerous lamp, ballast, finish,lens and accessory options are available. This extensive product offering reflects ASL's commitment to designing and manufacturing the broadest range of Green Eco Friendly lighting utilizing CFL, GU24, LED, fluorescent and HID light sources.


LED,GU24 and induction light sources are a great choice for maximizing energy savings and reducing labor costs. They are available upon request.


ASL lighting fixtures are presently being used in universities, hospitals, hotels, assisted living centers, military installations, government buildings, commercial, industrial and institutional facilities throughout the world.


New 80 page full color catalog available upon request. AIA guide specifications, individual spec sheets for each fixture style and various offerings may be downloaded from our state of the art website.


ASL enjoys a nationwide system of distribution which is supported by an experienced network of quality sales organizations. They provide expert assistance and guidance to architects, engineers, and our ever growing list of valued customers. These sales representatives are experts on the ASL line and can provide valuable assistance in customizing, specifying and ordering ASL Green lighting fixtures.


A knowledgeable engineering and tech team exists to address application and design questions and how to avoid potential problems in the field.


In house custom CAD design and fabrication. Creative and innovative fixture styles are designed regularly by the ASL engineering team Value engineer your over budget projectsl


In house stamping, shearing, rolling, bending, forming, notching, perforating, grinding, welding, potting, riveting. The complete fixture is fabricated and assembled right here in the USA on one of our 7 assembly lines under full ASL control.


ASL is committed to service. Our turnaround time on orders is one of the fastest in the industry. In most cases standard orders are shipped within a few days. Try us, guaranteed you will be satisfied.


Quality is systematic. Inspection of parts before fabrication, supervision during production, and quality testing after assembly before packaging.


ASL fixtures comply with the (NEC) National Electric Code developed by the (NFPA) National Fire Protection Association. They are tested, approved and carry the (UL) Underwriters Laboratory label for installation in either dry,damp, or wet locations.


Performance tests are conducted on all ASL fixtures according to accepted national standards under controlled laboratory conditions to insure trouble free operation.


ASL manufactures fixtures utilizing electronic and HID ballasts in normal or high power factor and in all wattages and voltages.


Various ballast types, custom finishes, lenses, trims, and accessories are available in most fixture types. Using the large variety of options ASL offers, over one million model numbers can be created from the 500 standard fixture styles presently available.


Daylight sensing and motion controls are available in most fixtures.


All paper and cardboard is recycled in house and used for packaging. All aluminum, steel, and copper is recycled for future use. Preserving and protecting our planet is an ASL commitment.


All ASL fixtures are transported via UPS, Fed Ex, and major freight carriers. Our secure indoor loading docks protect your product till it is safely loaded for transportation to its final destination.


E- commerce, mail order catalogs, electrical supply houses, lighting wholesalers, lighting showrooms, home centers, energy service companies, retailers.


ASL offers a 3 year quality assurance warranty on all its fixtures. To date it continues to be one of the best in the industry.


Substitutions of other products or brands are not recommended as quality, parts ,reliability, fixture life, and warranty may be compromised.


United States Chamber of Commerce, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - Energy Star® Partner, (IES) Illuminating Engineering Society

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  • 1/1/15
    ASL is happy to announce
    that LED technology is
    now available in all of
    our fixtures!

    Develop your LED product
    with CFL Equivalency.

    Choose LED technology
    and give YOUR customers
    the opportunity to reduce
    their monthy electric costs!
  • 4/23/15

    Did you know?

    Quick-ship is now

    available on many

    LED products! Ask

    us or your local

    reps to see which

    products are eligible

    for expedited shipping.
  • 5/11/2015:

    New product offering:

    Check out ASL's new line
    of decorative fabric drums.

    Ask your local sale
    for this unique
    offering and pricing.
  • 06/15/2015
    ASL is offering new
    AC LED Solutions

    AT 800-369-1100
  • 7/15/15

    Welcome to ASL's
    state of the art

    Check out our
    entire new line
    of LED fixtures.
    From overbed,
    pendants, drums,
    all the way
    to utility,
    you will find
    it all here.
    Browse our catalog,
    dynamic scroller,
    or just search for
    the fixture you want
    using our quick product
    search option above.
  • 8/1/15

    Stay on the lookout....

    ASL launching new website

    within the next few weeks
  • Did you know that all ASL
    fixtures are manufactured
    in the United States, and
    can be manufactured to
    meet the \"Made in America\"
    clause in the ARRA
    stimulus bill?

    Just add \"MIA\" to
    your quote
    request and we will take
    care of the rest.

    Thanks the ASL TEAM
  • ASL is happy to announce
    that the new GU24
    technology is now
    available in all of
    our new fixtures!

    Choose GU24 technology
    and give YOUR customers
    the world's easiest
    to maintain compact
    flourescent technology!
  • Great News!!!!

    ASL now has all of the
    specification sheets for
    the styles in our catalog
    available online as well
    as for many of the
    newer products.

    Just click on the resource
    menu above and chose the
    specification sheet option
    at the top of the page to
    see a listing
    specification sheets.

    If you do not see what
    you are looking for,
    feel free to contact
    us or submit a request online.
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