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Project Profiles- Energy Efficient Lighting

HospitalityASL Hospitality Project Efficient Lighting
Budget Inn - Capital Travel Inn - Comfort Inn - Country Inn - Days Inn - Econo Lodge - Embassy Inn - Hampton Inn - Hilton Hotels - Holiday Inn - Motel 6 - Marriot - Ramada Inn - Residence Inn - SB Motel - Super 8 Motel - Village Inn Motel - Wingate Hotel 

ASL Entertainment Project Utility LightingConstitution Place - Deys Centennial Plaza - Disney World - Football Hall of Fame - North Light Theater - NYS Fairgrounds - Pacific Theaters - Palm Court Yacht Club - Radio City Music Hall - Smithsonian Museum - South Glen Falls - Washington Park - Whiton Hall - Woodbridge Center Plaza
Apartments and Condos
ASL Apartments and Condos Project Efficient Lighting Amsterdam Housing - Beach Club Condos - Bosessling Lutheran Village - Brookline Housing - Coburg Village - Fort Hood Housing - Greenridge Housing - Kensington Gardens - Lakeside Villa Condos - Niagara Falls Housing - Pelican Beach Condos - Somerset Park Apartments - St. Marten's Condos - Towers of Colonie Condos - Trump Village
US Army/Navy/Air BasesASL Emergency Lighting US Army/Navy/Air Bases Project
Brunswick Naval Air - Camp Pendleton Army Base - Fort Douglas - Fort Hood - Harper Nielson Dillion Base - LA Air Force Base Dorm - Lemoore Naval Base - Marine Base Camp Pendleton - Newport Navy Building - Niagara Air Force Base - Torrington Armory - Tyndall Air Force Base - Ribauldt Bay - Vanderburg AFB - West Point - Westover Air Force Base
Medical CentersASL Emergency Lighting Medical Centers Project
Bethany Good Samaritan - Camp Hill Care Center - East Jefferson Central Hospital - Fosston 1st Care Medical Center - Heywood Hospital - Holmdel Convalescent Center - Jefferson County Alcohol Rehab - Kissimer Cancer Center - Lake View Mental Health - Laurelmead Health Care - Longmont United Hospital - Memorial Hospital - Montrose Ba Hospital - New York Medical Center - North Oaks Medical Center - Poudre Valley Hospital - Psychiatric Hospital - Rochester Psychiatric Center - Shenandoah Valley Health Care - Soldiers Senior Hospital - Tinley Park Health Center - United Cerebral Palsy< - Walnut Hill Convalescent Center - White Plains Hospital
ASL Business Project Efficient Lighting Citizen Advise Bureau - Elder Lumber - Inquis Job Corp. - JFK International Airport - Lask Building - Lechters - Lincoln Courts - Maltube Community Council - Manhattan Commercial - McDonalds - Miami International Airport - Commerce Center - Oneida Savings Bank - Pizza Hut - Purpac Pharmaceutical Co. - Solomon Pond Mall - Stony Brook Building - Sunshine State Trader - Union Planter - United Airlines - The World Bank




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  • 1/1/15
    ASL is happy to announce
    that LED technology is
    now available in all of
    our fixtures!

    Develop your LED product
    with CFL Equivalency.

    Choose LED technology
    and give YOUR customers
    the opportunity to reduce
    their monthy electric costs!
  • 4/23/15

    Did you know?

    Quick-ship is now

    available on many

    LED products! Ask

    us or your local

    reps to see which

    products are eligible

    for expedited shipping.
  • 5/11/2015:

    New product offering:

    Check out ASL's new line
    of decorative fabric drums.

    Ask your local sale
    for this unique
    offering and pricing.
  • 06/15/2015
    ASL is offering new
    AC LED Solutions

    AT 800-369-1100
  • 7/15/15

    Welcome to ASL's
    state of the art

    Check out our
    entire new line
    of LED fixtures.
    From overbed,
    pendants, drums,
    all the way
    to utility,
    you will find
    it all here.
    Browse our catalog,
    dynamic scroller,
    or just search for
    the fixture you want
    using our quick product
    search option above.
  • 8/1/15

    Stay on the lookout....

    ASL launching new website

    within the next few weeks
  • Did you know that all ASL
    fixtures are manufactured
    in the United States, and
    can be manufactured to
    meet the \"Made in America\"
    clause in the ARRA
    stimulus bill?

    Just add \"MIA\" to
    your quote
    request and we will take
    care of the rest.

    Thanks the ASL TEAM
  • ASL is happy to announce
    that the new GU24
    technology is now
    available in all of
    our new fixtures!

    Choose GU24 technology
    and give YOUR customers
    the world's easiest
    to maintain compact
    flourescent technology!
  • Great News!!!!

    ASL now has all of the
    specification sheets for
    the styles in our catalog
    available online as well
    as for many of the
    newer products.

    Just click on the resource
    menu above and chose the
    specification sheet option
    at the top of the page to
    see a listing
    specification sheets.

    If you do not see what
    you are looking for,
    feel free to contact
    us or submit a request online.
Energy Efficient Lighting