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Energy Star – ASL Lighting

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Energy Star

Energy Star® is the symbol for energy efficiency. Products labeled with this symbol use less energy than other standard products. They save money on utility bills and help protect the environment. Generally, they outperform conventional products and are at the top of the class for energy efficiency.
Energy Star® is a voluntary partnership between the (DOE) United States Department of Energy, (EPA) United States Environmental Protection Agency, local utilities, retailers and manufacturers like ASL®. Partners help promote efficient products by educating consumers about the benefits of energy efficiency. ASL® has been in the forefront of energy efficient lighting technology since its inception and can manufacture most of its fixtures to meet the federal energy efficiency guidelines set forth in the Energy Star® program. If everyone chose Energy Star® labeled products, it is estimated that over the next 15 years the nation’s utility bills could be reduced by up to 100 billion dollars.
ASL® Energy Star® fixtures are pretested to insure product performance and that the quality standards and specifications set forth in the program are strictly adhered to.

ASL® light fixtures that carry an Energy Star® label meet or exceed federal energy efficiency and quality guidelines without sacrificing performance. They provide quality lighting, are safe and reliable and are convenient to use.

An ASL® Energy Star® compliant light fixture is designed to operate as an energy efficient light source. The advantage that these efficient lamps offer in these fixtures is that they provide an average lamp life of 10,000 hours with an average 70% energy savings as opposed to an inefficient incandescent lamp which usually lasts no more than 1,000 hours. The nuisance factor of frequent light bulb changes and the high labor cost incurred in maintaining constant illumination in hard to reach areas is also an important consideration.

Reliability and safety are met in all ASL® fixtures carrying the Energy Star® label. ASL® fixtures are UL listed and comply with the (NEC) National Electric Code developed by the (NFPA) National Fire Protection Association. The ASL® fixture carries a 3 year unsurpassed quality assurance warranty which exceeds the program requirements, and are pretested to meet Energy Star® standards They offer cool operation and are therefore safer than hot incandescent fixtures. The heat reduction also offers some energy savings attributable to air conditioning.

ASL® manufactures a large selection of styles, and offers special option combinations to meet almost any design requirement. [Please refer to the Lamp & Ballast Tech chart when replacing an inefficient light source . This will insure that the appropriate energy efficient equivalent fixture will be chosen.] They provide the same amount of light as standard incandescent fixtures, while providing excellent color rendering and light temperature. Colors appear true and natural.

Saving energy helps us maintain a healthy environment while reducing our energy bills. The energy we use is usually derived from power plants which burn fossil fuel used to energize the electrical products we use. Burning these fossil fuels, causes air pollution and contributes to smog, acid rain, respiratory diseases and global warming. The more energy we save the more pollution we prevent. We also help utilities offset their peak loads and avoid the need to construct new power plants who’s costs are passed on to the consumer.

The investment in ASL® energy efficient lighting quickly pays for itself in utility bill savings. [To calculate savings, please refer to Cost vs. Savings Evaluation Chart.] The significant return on investment makes funds available for classier upgrades. Since most use incandescent lighting, amounting to billions of light fixtures, the potential for savings is enormous. Since a good portion of the energy used is attributable to lighting, it makes good energy sense to retrofit and save.


Lamps will continuously illuminate within 1 second of being switched on.
A (CRI) color rendering index of at least 80 for compact fluorescent lamps and a CRI of at least 70 for all other lamps will be provided.
Ballast will have a class A sound rating and will provide peaceful illumination.
Outdoor fixtures will automatically shut off during daylight hours through a built in photo control sensor.
Repair or replacement of defective parts excluding lamp is available for 3 years from the date fixture is originally purchased.
A written warranty is included with fixture when shipped.
Lenses are constructed of glass or UV stabilized optical grade plastics to prevent discoloration.
ASL® fixtures are UL listed and comply with NFPA 70 National Electric Code. They are labeled for use in either dry damp or wet locations depending on fixture appllication. All indoor fixtures are manufactured with class P thermally protected ballasts.

All ASL® fixtures manufactured with electronic technology meet the aforementioned standards. Placing the ES option code after your fixture model number, will ensure that your fixture will be manufactured in accordance with above specifications and that an Energy Star® label will be affixed. This guarantees you and your customer higher energy efficiency.
In short, buildings that incorporate ASL® Energy Star® efficient lighting are typically more comfortable, have lower utility bills and have minimal impact on the environment. It makes energy sense to specify ASL®.